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is Good For You!

Whether you’re a career participant or a weekend patron–you love the faire and you want to give back to the community that brings you happiness. In fact, there are some jobs that only our patrons can do, while others are working to make the magic of faire happen.
AMPLIFY THE JOY! You’ll meet new people, make new friends, and have the sense of satisfaction that you’re doing good and giving back to your community.  And, volunteering also provides many benefits to both mental and physical health.

Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger,  anxiety, and depression.

Volunteering increases self-confidence and gives you a sense of purpose.

Volunteering makes you happy.

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Volunteers at Brevard Health Fair Day 2021

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Programs Committee

Our programs initiatives are wide-spread and far reaching, from First Aid/CPR trainings, First Aid Kit Giveaways, and Health Fair Days to Mental Health First Aid certifications and on site AED units. The more volunteers, the more our Programs can continue to grow in scope and availability. To join the team, please email us at or talk to a RESCU representative.

Danielle and Brian

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Fundraising Committee

Where would any non-profit be without Fundraising? Fundraising is the branch of RESCU that raises the money that allows us to continue serving our community and living up to our mission. From RESCU Rallies to online auctions, to managing FBOs, our Fundraising efforts keep the wheels turning. To join the team, please email us at!

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Volunteer with

The purpose of Communications is to support and advance the stature of RESCU Foundation and its identity in our community and in the world, by producing and providing direction for online, print and promotional materials, as well as internal documentation such as policies and procedures.  To join the team, please email us at!

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Why We Need You

RESCU is nationwide!

RESCU has a presence at nearly every major Renaissance Festival in the country. That's a lot of people in a lot of places!

We could use your help in person at events or working behind the scenes online at any time of the year. 

RESCU is powered by volunteers.

RESCU has a small staff, but so much of our work is done by committee members and volunteers on the ground, that there's always room for more helping hands. Year-round, our volunteers are working to keep our wheels in motion!

RESCU needs medical healthcare providers, too!

RESCU works tirelessly to provide wellness workshops and low or no cost health clinic events to our community all over the country.  If you are a healthcare provider willing to share your services, we need you!

Please reach out to us via email to: