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Linda Ballard

Secretary, Board of Directors
2011 - Present

Board Service: 2011 - Present

Born and raised in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York, Linda’s early life afforded her a wide range of travel and job experience. She learned to sew from her grandmother at age four and to this day continues to use those skills–dollmaking, cross-stitching, and sewing costumes. She has worked as a journalist, photographer, technical manual production manager, and SCUBA diver! She has degrees in Journalism and Pharmacology/Biological Chemistry, and enjoyed a lengthy career running a medical genetics research lab at UCLA.  She has been retired since 2012.

Linda began working at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California in 1998.  She has worked in a guild, and in a wine garden, and is now known for her dedication as the Director of the Kids Kingdom where she oversees crafts, games, play areas, stage plays, magic shows and other kid-flavored entertainment and a cast of nearly 50 participants. 

Linda brought that dedication with her when she joined the RESCU Board in 2011. She had been hooked into loving RESCU rather accidentally when a volunteer was needed at a RESCU Rally and she got a first-hand glimpse of the good RESCU does, so accepting an invitation from Phil Johnson to join the board was the next step. In addition to being the Board Secretary, she also serves on the Governance and  Compliance Committees.

When she’s not transcribing minutes from a meeting for RESCU, Linda can probably be found reading, doing embroidery, or whipping up a gourmet meal (cooking is science!) for her and her husband of over 28 years.