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Kaelyn Globig

Case Manager and Head of Advocacy
2012 - Present

Kaelyn Globig is originally from Michigan but now lives in Virginia with her husband and two step daughters. When she’s not advocating for our RESCU clients, she works as a Realtor in Floyd where she sells mostly farm and recreational land.

Kaelyn travelled working Craft fairs, music and Renaissance festivals for nine years, first as a booth manager, and eventually as the owner of her own clothing line. She traveled to Bali each year to work on designs and manufacturing.

Kaelyn got her start with RESCU when in the process of receiving aid herself, her skill in navigating the hospital’s red tape was recognized by RESCU’s case manager. She was almost immediately recruited as a volunteer advocate to help others do the same. When the Case Manager position opened up, Kaelyn was perfectly positioned to step into the role and excel. More than eight years later she’s still with RESCU and calls it her favorite job. She loves the community and the people she helps. Her passion for her job with RESCU is evident in every transaction.