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Danielle Dupont

President, Board of Directors
2005 - Present
2019 - Present

Board Service: 2005 - Present

Danielle is the Madame of the Washing Well Wenches, an all-female Festival show, performing since 1992, that may be seen at more than thirty Renaissance Festivals around the country. Though Danielle participates in Ren-Faires mostly upon the stage, she has also done some time as a Crafter, Gamer and Entertainment Director. 

She received her BS in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from the University of South Florida (Honors Program – succeeded by her daughter, Samma, who also graduated from USF’s Honors College).

After many years of service as Vice President of the RESCU Board of Directors, Danielle became the Board President in 2019. As President, she sits on the Governance Committee and audits every other committee meeting.

Danielle has traveled for 25 plus years on the Festival circuit, and between shows resides in San Pedro, Belize with her husband, William, and their many guests. Her passions include gender equality, social justice, game playing, and scuba spelunking. Danielle is proud to have been involved with RESCU since its very inception.