2206 N. Main Street #223

Wheaton, IL 60187


Angyl Jones

Vice President, Board of Directors and Fundraising Chair
Member 2016 - Present
Fundraising Chair
2018 - Present
Vice President
2020 - Present

Board Service: 2016 - Present

Angyl Jones has traveled a Renaissance circuit for over a decade. She has been a full-time road manager as well as owning several of her own businesses at multiple faires. She participated in her home show, The Bay Area Renaissance Festival for over 20 years. Angyl’s background is varied and includes certifications and degrees in psychology, childhood special education, and caregiving. She has worked Theme Park and Theater Stage Management and at the opposite end of the spectrum, warehouse and heavy machinery operations. She is an advocate for ADA Compliance concerning Service Animals as her constant companion is her Service Dog, Ace. Since Angyl doesn’t understand the concept of “free time” she continues to fill her waking hours when she is not traveling as a Realtor in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Angyl joined the RESCU Board in 2016 after years of participating as a volunteer on the ground and looking to do more for the community. She has been a participant on the Fundraising, Programs and Communications and Creative Services Committees since the beginning. And, as V.P. she sits on the Governance committee, as well. She became Fundraising Committee Chair in 2018 after realizing her organization and event planning skills could be best utilized in this area.