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Angie Austin

Programs Committee Co-Chair, Board of Directors
2022 - Present
Programs Committee Co-Chair
2023 - Present

Board Service: 2022 - Present

Angie Austin is a full-time artist and co-owner of Laugh Now LLC, a renaissance festival entertainment company. They write and perform various comedy, acrobatic and interactive shows, including the High Flying Fools, Trained Mermaid Show, and The Adventure Quest. Angie loves improv comedy, empowering people, and collaborating with other artists. They believe that we may not be able to do anything, but together we can get pretty darn close!
Human rights, mental health, and the healing power of comedy are some of Angie’s passions. They are on the board of Spectrum Diversity, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, and have worked as a hospital clown for many years.  Comedy and imagination are empowering in a way that reality could never be, and interactive theatre allows everyone to be whoever they want to be. Community is very important to Angie, and they firmly believe that renaissance festivals have one of the strongest, most accepting, loving families anywhere in the world and is very grateful to be able to give back through the RESCU foundation.
As a neurodivergent person, who has struggled to navigate the healthcare system themselves, Angie is dedicated to helping their fellow travelers find treatment, particularly mental health care while on the road, and is pleased to be able to offer CPR certification.