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One of the biggest challenges RESCU faces is just getting the word out about what we do!  

Testimonials mean the World to us!

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Testimonials from our Clients

Just about the most important thing you can do for us, if RESCU has helped you, personally, is to write a little testimonial blurb, let us know our work impacted you positively, and allow us to use it to promote the organization. Or, if you prefer to think in pictures---take a selfie in your RESCU t-shirt, or holding a sign that says "RESCU HELPED ME" or "I LOVE RESCU" and let the world know that RESCU made a difference for you. You can send your testimonial directly to us at the email address above, and you can help even more by visiting and leaving your "Guidestar Review" on our page, there, as well.

Testimonials from Our Volunteers

If you have ever had a great experience working with RESCU, let's share that!  Do you have a photo of yourself at a RESCU event? Photos are great!  Or, you can write a few words about what makes volunteering fun or memorable or rewarding in an email to us at the address above, and in a "Guidestar Review" on our page at

Testimonials from our Supporters and Donors

If you love supporting RESCU and want to share with others the joy it brings you, we would be honored to hear about it.  Please send your words of affirmation to us at the email address above, or give those words even more clout by leaving a "Guidestar Review" at If you prefer photos to words, we'd love to see a photo of you that SHOWS how you love RESCU.

Guidestar Reviews​

What’s a Guidestar Review, you ask?

Guidestar Reviews are the way non profit organizations are measured and weighed.

Guidestar gathers and disseminates information about every single IRS-registered non profit organization. Donors, grantmakers, researchers and the media use Guidestar data to make decisions about the social sector. So, RESCU’s ability to seek large corporate donors and grants is largely dependent upon our Guidestar Rating. is the interface through which Guidestar and its parent company Candid collect their information. By leaving a review for RESCU at, you add to the collection of inspiring stories from our clients, volunteers and supporters, showing confidence and lending credibility to RESCU Foundation and its mission, and thus enabling RESCU to grow.

Please head on over to to leave your review. Share Your Story and help us continue to help our community.

RESCU Foundation on Social Media

In the modern world of computers and cell phones, RESCU has come to rely very heavily on social media to inform our community of not only renaissance industry workers, but all our supporters, about our mission, our programs and our events. If you aren't already connected with us on your preferred social media, here's the information you need!


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