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RESCU in the Media


YouTube Video

Sherwood Forest Faire Online Event for the Benefit of RESCU

Sherwood Forest Faire Online Event
For the Benefit of RESCU

When pandemic conditions forced the early closure of their faire and the cancellation of their annual RESCU Rally in 2020, the amazing folks at Sherwood Forest Faire who love and support RESCU began to hatch a plan. This February 2021 video production is the result. From songs and dances to comedy skits and an auction, this lively, entertaining show was their answer for how they could actively show their unwavering support for RESCU. Huzzah! 


TRF Podcast #21 The RESCU Foundation

TRF Podcast #21

In November 2020, the King summoned RESCU Foundation President, Danielle Dupont!  The King of Texas Renaissance Festival, that is.  And the reason was a wonderful opportunity for an interview to help spread the word about RESCU.  It’s a fun show–please enjoy listening.


The Buck and Mug 2020 No Fair No Faire Edition

Buck and Mug 2020

A long-time favorite of the fans and participants of California Renaissance festivals, the Buck and Mug published a special edition for 2020–the The Not Fair No Faire edition. When RESCU Foundation was asked to write an article for inclusion in this magazine, we jumped at the chance.

We hope you enjoy the read.

200905 RESCU article for Buck and Mug


An Arm and a Leg

An Arm and a Leg – A podcast by Dan Weissman, originally heard on NPR

An Arm and  Leg is “a show about the cost of health care that’s more entertaining, empowering, and occasionally useful than enraging, and terrifying and depressing. We may be screwed but we’re together.”

In this episode, from 2018, entitled “So, Robin Hood’s got an approach to Medical Bills” Weissman talks about the RESCU Foundation.  We’re pretty proud of that! And, very grateful! Have a listen!

RESCU Jingle

The RESCU Rap Sonnet

The RESCU Rap Sonnet by Bruce Ballard

In 2013, Linda Ballard, a member and Secretary of our Board of Directors asked her talented husband to create a RESCU jingle.  It was almost time for an Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, and this fun sonnet set to an Elizabethan rap beat is what he came up with and presented to the Board’s great pleasure!  It’s about time we share it with the world! Enjoy!

Editorial content in the media is one of the best ways to tell the world about RESCU, its mission, and its impact.  If you operate a publication, blog, vlog or other media outlet, and would be willing to spotlight RESCU Foundation, please let us know and we’ll provide whatever support you need.

RESCU is Grateful for these Opportunities