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Meet the Staff

RESCU Foundation Staff

The RESCU Staff is comprised of dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals. These are the amazing people who are behind the scenes, receiving your mail, processing your aid forms, running to the bank and returning your phone calls.

Kaelyn Globig

Case Manager and Head of Advocacy

Chris Major

Office Manager

Keridwyn Hershberger

Aid Intake Specialist
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Carol Black

After 18 years of service, our esteemed Executive Director and Co-Founder, Carol Black is stepping away from the RESCU Foundation. She led the way with tireless attention and bold vision, building the RESCU foundation into a national organization that has helped hundreds in our community. With love and gratitude, we wish her the very best in all her future endeavors.

Good management is about doing things right, and good leadership is about doing the right things. From founder to President, to Executive Director, Carol led RESCU with unflinching courage.  She led through the unavoidable early growing pains to a fully accredited 501(c)(3) charitable organization Carol moved RESCU through the formative years.

While it is impossible to fully communicate what Carol meant to RESCU it may help to remember that we began simply as a few people with an idea–an idea that we were going to help people, not just once but from now on.  But HOW?

There were policies to write and procedures to be constructed. There was accounting to be done and disbursement of aid that needed to happen. RESCU has always been a team effort but Caol was the one, that through it all, made sure the ideas happened, that forms were created, that people who…When RESCU needed an Executive Director, the choice was easy.

Carol Black was the clear and natural choice.  She would be the one to best keep everyone on point with the final say on all matters operational, a job she had always done and continued to do, with passion and intelligence, until this past year, when she decided to step away.  Her leadership and efforts cannot be overestimated.

As sad as we are to see her go, we the staff, volunteers, and board members of RESCU are ready to continue the task of providing assistance to the people of our Renaissance festival community.  It is a job we take as seriously as Carol always has. She brought up an organization that is strong and is ready to roll up its sleeves to get down to work. Carol set a high bar, one we all aspire to reach every day while also hopefully inching it up over time, inspired by her example, her expectations of excellence.

We are ready to carry on in service and gratitude, but we would not be here without Carol Black.

Thank you so very much, Carol.