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Meet the Board

RESCU Foundation Board of Directors

The RESCU Board of Directors is a dedicated group of up to fifteen VOLUNTEERS! These individuals represent various parts of our community, and include participants both past and present– crafters, entertainers, festival staff, and even patrons, all who give their time and energy to attend meetings, serve on committees and keep the wheels in motion that make RESCU function.

Not only do these hard-core RESCU supporters volunteer all the time they give to RESCU, but as a group, the Board is proud to be at 100% participation in giving and each Director is pledged to actively assist with fundraising efforts.

Danielle Dupont

President, Board of Directors

Magnolia Strange

Vice President, Programs Committee Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Linda Ballard

Secretary, Board of Directors

Brian O’Leary

Treasurer, Data/Tech Officer, Board of Directors

Angie Austin

Programs Committee Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Nova Grayson Casillo

Communications & Creative Services Committee Co-Chair, Board of Directors

MaritaBeth Caruthers

Communications & Creative Services Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Cassie Townsend

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair, Board of Directors

Marney Cullen

Compliance Committee Chair, Board of Directors

Mary Parrish

HIPAA Compliance Officer, Board of Directors

Gayle French

Staff Liaison, Board of Directors

JodyLee Duek

Member, Board of Directors

Phil Johnson

Founder, Member, Board of Directors
testimonials from the Board

What Our Board Members love about Volunteering with RESCU

Their time is freely given.

Their dedication is admirable.