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Help Raise Money

Pledged to the Health of the Company

There are many different ways to help raise money. We’ve listed a few here but are always open to new ideas! Contact us at to start the conversation.

Make a Donation

RESCU is humbled by the donations we receive. We know that our success depends completely on the generosity of those making financial contributions whether as one-time, monthly, or annual donations to support us. Donations are graciously received in our webstore at:

Earn a Donation

You can also contribute without digging into your own pocket! We understand times can be tough and not everyone can drop a lot of cash to a charity. We are happy to have other options that can help add up to major help over time. Here are a few:

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers – allows you to select RESCU Foundation, Inc of Wheaton, IL as your charity of choice to raise money in honor of your birthday. Facebook does not take a cut of fees and all money raised goes directly to your chosen charity.
  • eBay – eBay offers the option of listing items for charity. You can select RESCU Foundation, Inc as the recipient charity and eBay does the rest. Contact us for details.
  • Goodsearch – Use as your internet search engine and each click supports the RESCU Foundation!  Simply choose “RESCU Foundation, of Wheaton, IL.” Consider installing the Goodsearch Tool bar!
  • GoodShop -- offers online purchasing from over 1,500 popular online stores. By shopping through that portal, you support RESCU at the same time you buy things you need--with no money out of your pocket! 
  • Giving Assistant – Giving Assistant is not a store-specific portal, but offers cash back on shopping with the choice to donate some or all to the RESCU Foundation. It’s easy! There are great deals from popular online retailers like JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s and more than 1800 others. Using Giving Assistant supports the RESCU Foundation!

Employee Donation Matching

Many companies offer employee donation matching--or payroll matching. They will either match your monetary donation with appropriate paperwork (which we are happy to provide) or they will donate your usual salary based on an amount of hours you volunteer to the organization. Many of these programs have very small minimums or no minimum at all.  Your $25 donation to RESCU Foundation could become $50, just by signing up! Studies have shown that 78% of match-eligible donors don’t know their company offers a matching gift program, and only 7% of donors at companies with matching gift programs actually submit a request.

We would love to add your company to our list of companies who do this flavor of charitable giving! Please, ask your employer today.

Estate Planning - Leaving a Legacy

Did you know you can continue your support of RESCU by including us in your estate planning? Gifts of a specific amount or a percentage of your estate can be given to RESCU Foundation, Inc. in your will or trust. Consult your lawyer or financial advisor on the best way for you. Thank you for being Pledged to the Health of the Company with us.

For the Benefit of (FBO) Events

FBO events are “For the Benefit Of” RESCU. Those are very important words. These are basically any event you would like to create to help benefit RESCU with the money raised. Below is a list of FBO events that have been successful in the past, but if you have other ideas don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss! We love to hear your creativity!

Standard FBO Events:

  • Car Wash – Large parking lots along major roadways are best. Make sure you have all the cleaning supplies you will need and you get permission from the property owner.
  • Chili Cook Off or Bake Off – Winner gets bragging rights! Donation jars in front of each choice and most money makes for the winner.
  • Bake Sale – Go all out making items you don’t usually get to make. Whole batch of cookies, fancy petit fours, gourmet cupcakes… it’s all a great idea! Set a “suggested donation” for each item.
  • Game Night – Board Games, physical games, card games, all of the above. Make it adults only or family friendly with games specific for kids.
  • Dining Event – A spaghetti dinner for the masses or host a private multi course dinner for a select few willing to donate more.
  • Facebook Marketplace & Yard Sales – Clean out the closets and make room for all your generosity!
  • Trivia Night – There are several free trivia question games available online in several themes and genres.
  • Chore Auction – Auction off the offer to do someone’s laundry for a week or two, dusting, vacuuming, walking dogs, baby-sitting, a specific amount of time for hard labor, lawn mowing… anything at all works!

Renaissance Festival Specific Events:

  • Mr/Mrs/Mx Renfaire – Make a sash to represent! Raise that money! Highest amount raised is winner of the title Mr, Mrs, or Mx Renfaire!
  • Private Port O John Access – Do you have a private Port O John? Offer its use for a donation to RESCU.
  • Battle of the Clans – Any fundraising ideas your group can think of to compete against the same or different Fundraising ideas of another group… who will raise more money and be crowned the winner??

*Please ensure FBOs happening on festival property are approved by festival admin/ownership*

RESCU greatly values the community support received through individual donations as well as events held “For the Benefit Of” RESCU (FBOs).  We are happy to spread the word when notified of such FBO events and donation opportunities; however, hyperlinks, reposting or references to any such events, sale of products donating a percentage of their sales, or other such events and items created by third parties does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation of such product or event by RESCU Foundation, Inc.

Roundup for RESCU

Roundup for RESCU is making a comeback - in two ways!

Attention Festival Owners - Partner with RESCU and offer patrons the option to roundup ticket costs to benefit RESCU. Patrons of the Arts can help support the Health of the Company to ensure they can enjoy the faire for years to come!

Attention Vendors - With festival approval, you can also offer Patrons the option to Roundup their purchase total for the Health of the Company. It can be as simple as placing a provided graphic & QR code on a bowl/dish/jar in your booth to encourage patrons and customers to donate their spare change, or more, to RESCU. In addition to the printable graphic & QR code we’ll provide you with some language to explain RESCU to patrons.

Contact  to get started!

R.A.P.P. (RESCU Artisan Partnership Program)

We heard you! RAPP was conceived from the request many vendors voiced, to have more options regarding donating their product to help the RESCU Foundation. You do not have to have a booth at a Renaissance Festival to participate. The process is simple: You designate an item or items for RESCU, but leave them displayed in your shoppe for patrons to purchase.  When a designated item sells, you simply pass the donation on to RESCU. Your customer gets a feel-good moment, too, knowing they’ve helped you make a charitable contribution to our community.

Here’s how it works! Simply put, you designate an item or items for RESCU, but leave them displayed in your shoppe for customers to purchase. When the item(s) sell, you simply pass the donation on to RESCU. Patrons purchasing these items can feel good that their dollars will help support medical needs and wellness in the Renaissance show community while they still receive the desired artisan’s handiwork. 

Entertainer Opportunities

Are you a performer or entertainer transitioning to the digital world? Have you already made the leap and found the magic that is Live Streaming or Pre-Recorded Broadcasting? Musicians, Artists, Actors, Storybook Readers… whatever your variation of performance, RESCU is honored to accept donations in lieu of tips from your performance. Reach out before the event so we can help advertise as well.

We also have a new Digital Download opportunity available. Our new webstore allows the download of a song or video in exchange for  donation. Do you have a new single available? Maybe an old classic everyone always requests? Do you have a skit that’s become a classic of your show? A new skit you want to test responses to? RESCU is happy to partner with any and all of these options. We can't wait to hear from you!

Grant Writing

As RESCU continues to grow, so must our revenue streams! We are looking for grant writers to find grants that are a good match for RESCU Foundation and to ensure that all the t’s are crossed, and the i’s are dotted throughout the submission process. If you have grant research or writing experience, or would love to be involved in the initial state filing process for grants, we would love to hear from you. 

Become a Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorship is a way to benefit everyone! RESCU is proud to partner with those that help us continue our support in the community. Please reach out to discuss a partnership option that is right for everyone!

Fundraising is a team effort. Thank you for being part of our Team!