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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to the Big Questions

What is RESCU?

RESCU is an acronym that stands for Renaissance Entertainers Services Crafters United. Started in 2003, RESCU is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping relieve medical debt, ensuring accurate medical billing, and coordinating with certified instructors to bring preventative and wellness programs to the festival community. RESCU is Pledged to the Health of the Company!

Who does RESCU serve? Am I eligible?

RESCU strives to serve this community at the pace and direction of the demand for medical assistance.

Who RESCU Serves: Any verified participant who has worked or volunteered at a Renaissance/Medieval faire or festival around the country.

RESCU offers onsite health programs and direct medical assistance to ANY Seasonal or Career PARTICIPANT of Renaissance Festivals nationwide, past or present. If you have or had a participant pass from a Festival, you could be eligible. If you have retired from Festivals, you could be eligible. 

What do I do if I need help or someone I know needs help?

Download the Medical Aid Request Form and fill it out. Then, simply return the paperwork to RESCU with copies of all medical bills, and RESCUʼs Aid Intake will contact you, shortly. RESCU's Medical Aid Panel will decide the course of action and assign a portion of the financial burden to be relieved. RESCU is not able to relieve all medical debt.

Will my personal and financial information be kept confidential?

RESCU follows the HIPAA mandates and privacy laws by keeping all the information submitted in strict confidence. We do hope, however, that those we assist will choose of their own volition to inform others about what we have done to help them. RESCU cannot share any information without written permission.

Who decides the recipients of the funds and how much to they receive?

The Medical Aid Panel is composed of a minimum of five trusted Board and Staff members. This panel uses the provided client information to determine eligibility, to decide what amount should be given for medical relief, and whether advocacy or other assistance programs are needed. Cases with ongoing, acute illnesses or lengthy injuries may be given more than one disbursement and have caseworkers. Review of open cases usually occur on a quarterly basis, but can move to an emergency aid panel as needed.

What is a RESCU advocate?

Once a client is assigned to RESCU Advocacy, the case manager assesses how much a client can participate in the process. A client is given a mentor and the tools to make calls on their own behalf. This has proven to be a rewarding and empowering experience. If unable, an advocate is assigned to further help the client. An advocate can help perform many duties, including negotiating medical bills; assisting with confusing medical correspondence; establishing payment plans; locating prescription assistance programs; and assisting with applying for financial assistance from hospitals or other organizations.

Who maintains control of the the funds?

As a federally compliant 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, RESCU Foundation has a Finance Committee who assists the Board of Directors to control, maintain, and monitor all financial activity of the foundation. All 990ʼs are public record and attainable from Show your support of RESCU and leave us a Guidestar review!

Why should I donate if there is no specific recipient?

When RESCU began, each local rally raised money that was then disbursed within that community. Now, all fundraising proceeds are consolidated into one fund and utilized for anyone in our festival community in medical need. This ensures that a simple booth worker from a small show gets the same opportunity for aid as an entertainer of high profile from a large show, if in the same medical dilemma.

How can I help?

There are many ways to help. You can donate money, items for auction, or your time. Donating time may be as little as helping out at a rally or bake sale, or you can volunteer to help with a number of small jobs that need to be done at any time, or volunteer for one of our committees. If you have time and vision to offer, you can help us execute the next steps in growing our organization. Interested in Fundraising or Marketing Committees? Interested in becoming a Board Member? An Advocate? The RESCU team is a rewarding experience, and we are interviewing for all levels.

How do I volunteer?

Apply today or if you are at a show, please talk to any RESCU member about any help you can offer. Hanging flyers, collecting rally items, researching online reduced care clinics, network to local doctors and dentists, patient advocacy…there are many tasks available. What are your skills? What ideas do you have? You can serve on a committee or the board of directors. RESCU is constantly in search of responsible and dedicated individuals to join the team. Help us be better!

How do I contact RESCU?

Contact Us by emailing

Or, of course, you can speak to any of your local RESCU Reps in person during faire season.