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Our Volunteers

For information on our Board of Directors or Advocate volunteers, please visit their respective pages.

RESCU simply couldn't happen without the help of many indispensable supporters and volunteers.

  • Michelle Amsbury - brought RESCU to California
  • Erin Arellano - former Board Member
  • Tina Bailey - California Rally captain
  • Linda Conley Ballard - current Board member and Secretary
  • Jerry Barry - of The New Minstrel Revue, bringing 2 of the CD’s to life, MC of numerous rallies, creative consultant; his input created the name of our organization!
  • Misti Bernard
  • Rio Blue - for donating his space for RESCU at TRF
  • Lynn Brantley - former RESCU Treasurer
  • Beth Ann Broadhurst, former Board member
  • Pam Camera - Advocacy Program
  • Jessie G. Campbell - former Board member, Clan•O•Graphy
  • Wanda Carr
  • Stephanie Clark - Advocacy Program
  • J. Bradley Collier - former Board Member
  • Michael Constable
  • Kathy Crawford - brought RESCU to Boston
  • Jonathan Crocker - Theatre in the Ground
  • Carol Davis - who brought RESCU to Ohio and continues to contribute to RESCU
  • Yoemann Darr - The Hug Man
  • Dr. April Day - our Dallas doctor supporter, helping Scarby stay well
  • Gabrielle Decker-O'Garcia - our psychotherapist
  • Danielle Dupont - current Board Member, Washing Well Wenches
  • David Epley - AHA firstaid/CPR instructor for RESCU, helping us handle emergencies better,  Doktor Kaboom
  • Gayle French -  current RESCU President, former Board Secretary, Advocacy Program, French Braids by Twisted Sisters
  • Harold Freundlich, wherever we need him
  • Friends of Faire, Bristol
  • Friends of Faire, California Pleasure Faire, Southern California
  • Guy Fuson
  • RC Fuson - former Board Member, Tails Upon Tails
  • Dr. George, Bristol - the kindness of this man can't be limited to this sentence. He has inspired the idea of RESCU by always being benevolent. May more people in this world be like him.
  • Gretchen Gill - first president of the board, instrumental in making RESCU a reality
  • John Goodrich - for the logo and our many layout and graphics needs, Goodrich Cartoonistry
  • Linda Granaghan - former Board Member
  • Tony Granaghan - for being the first person to come through tremendously for the first RESCU Rally ever in Ft. Lauderdale, without his input, it wouldn't have been a success
  • Angela Halifax - Advocacy Program
  • Jim Hancock - for always being supportive of RESCU
  • Katherine Hanson
  • Keridwyn Hershberger - current Board member, Advocacy Program
  • Ky Hote - computer man and consultant,
  • Brian Howard - Broon
  • Angela Hunt, former Board member, Angela Hunt, Storyteller
  • Irregular Joe, AZRF - fund raising
  • Dos Jerry - brought RESCU to Tuxedo
  • Philip Earl Johnson - Honorary President and founding Board Member, MooNiE the Magnif'Cent
  • Erika Kaiser
  • Doug Kondjiolka - for being able to constantly pick his brain, Don Juan and Miguel
  • Peggy Kramer - instrumental in premiering the patient advocacy program, Chimealot
  • Bill Langston - Graphic Artist for expediting our logo into an artful lapel pin
  • Fred Ledden - the best raffle ticket distributor RESCU has ever had
  • Will Lubrano - has kept us perking
  • Dana McCain - Former Board Member, Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie
  • Cher McGinn - our wonderful RESCU rally captain at Ohio and Kentucky
  • Miami Township Fire Rescue - for contribution to the First Aid/CPR program, including giving us their insight and, of course, David.
  • Amanda Moreau - Faire Ladies Calendar of Scarborough Renaissance Festival for 2 years!
  • Donna Michelle Morris - former board member
  • All of the musicians who have donated their talent for the compilation CD's "CONCERT FOR A QUEEN," "ENCORE FOR A QUEEN," and "CHORUS FOR A QUEEN"
  • Tattoo Sue - former Board Member, brought RESCU to Michigan
  • Doug Mumaw - The Swordsmen
  • Janna Nielsen - Advocacy Program
  • Shannon O'Brien - Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie
  • Brian O'Leary - current Board Member
  • Clevy Peters - former Board Member
  • Pinetree
  • Porky - helped to feed our community
  • Tracey Ratliff - our get well and thank you card designer
  • Rainbo - helped to feed our community
  • Robert Ray - our first check writer
  • Lisa Robinson - Bay Area Supporter, grant writing consultant
  • Dr. Mary Rutledge (Countess Mary) - former Board member, Madam Emeritus, Local 13, International Wenches Guild, Scarborough
  • Debbi Schaffer - for being first to bring RESCU pins and CD's to Maryland in 2004 from Southern California
  • Marta Selway - former Board Member
  • Carole - our phone call answerer
  • Jim Sweetland - former Board Member, Pigasus Books, grantwriting consultant
  • Melissa Starks - current Board Member, Enchanted Chains
  • Linda Sutherland - former Board Member
  • Jimi Torrey -  pins, CD's, auctioneer, whatever is needed, Jimi is there, Klaxton
  • The Actor's Fund
  • The Motley Players Three - fundraising,
  • The Will Rogers Institute
  • Beth Chyna Ward - former Board Member
  • Brande Watson - former Board Member, who laid the foundation for our Advocacy and Assistance programs, Uncommon Adornments
  • Sue Watson - former Board Member, Uncommon Adornments
  • Dorian Williams - web developer
  • Joy Williams - for inspiring what we have named "The Joy Program" teaching the next generation philanthropy
  • Vicki Winterling - former Board Member
  • John Wray - former Board Member

And, a HUGE Thank You to all of the Rally folk around the country!

  • -the owners of the event location
  • -the performers for the evenings,
  • -all those that acted as food and drink staff,
  • -the RESCU volunteers, runners, and cashiers,
  • -all those other contributors each year,
  • and, especially the ARTISANS and CRAFTERS that have donated their wares for our auctions and raffles time and time again.

Without this vast support, the RESCU Foundation would not be here.

Updated June 2014

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Medical Aid Request Form

If you need help from RESCU, please read through this list of what RESCU does and does not do. Then, simply print and fill out our Medical Aid Request Form.

Then mail it, along with copies of all pertinent medical bills to:

RESCU Foundation, Inc.
2206 N Main St. #223
Wheaton, IL 60187
Or fax to: 888-299-9513


*Send questions related to filling out or submitting the aid request form

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