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Date added: 4/22/2010
Good evening. I wanted to let you know I got the RESCU check today. Thank you so very much, this check really helps my son and I get over a very bad hump due to my reconstruction surgery. I can't tell you how needed this is. This check and our Angel Food box will help us get through this December. We really appreciate it.

- Anonymous, December 2009

Date added: 10/26/2009
I wanted to thank everyone who is involved in this wonderful ORG. BRANDE was wonderful and understanding when I was blubbering my thanks on our phone call. The help that I received from RESCU will help my daughter Morgan and I get through a rough couple of months. Its the people in this organization that have renewed my faith in my fellow man and woman. People really do care and they do reach out to others. I am left humble,grateful, and proud to call my self a Rennie.
Thank you from the both of us

Brenda and Morgan

Date added: 9/29/2009
Dear R.E.S.C.U.,
I am happy to inform you that Sky Ridge Medical Center has approved a charity discount for our account. Thank you so very, very much. We truly believe this would not have been possible without your organizations influence. Also, please give a special thanks to Brande for initially pursuing the case with Sky Ridge. Thank you again.


Sally and Hardwin Orion

Date: 12/28/2008
As my crazy-ass crisis year comes to a close - five weeks of radiation, eleven invasive procedures and two courses of chemo later - I have my final appointment of the year today to check blood and review results of my CT Scan from earlier this week.

I know I am cancer-free - even before the results of the tests are shared, which is reason enough to celebrate, but I am also more grateful than I can possibly express for so many friends and even strangers who helped me get through all of this. Just seeing RESCU on this page warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. The love and compassion exemplified by both RESCU and my good friends at Scarborough Faire who each sent me a big chunk of cash to help me cover my large annual deductible helped immensely to take away my financial anxiety and to communicate clearly that I am cared for and that I am not alone. "Thank you" isn't nearly enough, but it is all I have. Thank you, thank you , thank you. I love you

Posted on Facebook by Mikael Rudolph

Date added: 4/23/2009
I just had to write to let you know again how much all your help was appreciated. I am Judy Hunter of the jesters court. I had the stroke last April and you battled your way through all the hospital bills etc. As Paul Harvey Says... The rest of the story....

On April 11th of this year I had to have immediate surgery for colon cancer. I wanted to wait for June when Medicare would kick in. But they said there was no time. As You can imagine the bills were astronomical.....

I called the billing people and pleaded my case. Since it had been less than a year since you made it all go away before, they just extended the credit so it was all paid for!!!

How am I doing? :) Since I had let thing go for so long, I had lost a lot of blood internally. After the surgery I got a terrible case of flu, along with a major infection , so when they took the staples out they had to open the incision and then keep it packed with gauze for several weeks, changing the gauze every day. I know ..... :) more information than you needed HA!

But I am getting better and better every fact I am going back to the Min Ren this fall. What I will have for product remains to be seen but I WILL be there.

Oh yes, you may have heard about the flooding in Eastern North Dakota........yep got in on that too my house was surrounded by water for a week so but no real damage just a mess to clean up.

I am NOT applying for any help just wanted you to know that your help made the world shine for me again.

Judy Hunter

Date added: 4/13/2009
Thank you so much for everything you have done. I'm very thankful for your organization and will never forget that you guys were there when I needed help. Again thank you for all the work you have put in to help me.

Laura James

Date added: 2/7/2009
I Love you all, Thank you so much for being there to help me and make me feel like I actually have some one on my side.....;)

Posted on MySpace by Lorilei

Date added: 1/19/2009
I love that our community is joining together and helping those of us in need when we need it. I have received help from RESCU in the past & I know many others who have as well. Thanks to RESCU I have hearing aids which help a lot and I don't say what all the time.

Posted on Facebook by Marni

Date added: 1/8/2009
I want to thank you again for all the help you gave me. Without the hope you provided, I dread to think what I might have done in the face of such an insurmountable and crushing debt.

With my undying gratitude

Date added: 11/3/2008
I can't THANK YOU enough for all the help and support I received after I had a stroke in April of 2008.
Not only did they help with immediate financial assistance which paid for the follow up MRI and all the travel to doctor's appointments and the general need for financial help, but they negotiated a pharmacy bill to a substantial reduction and then they paid it off!!
They were an advocate between myself, doctors, two different hospitals and clinics. It took almost seven months of letters, phone calls and I don't how many hours of time that they put in on this but all my medical bills have been written off.
Because of R.E.S.C.U.E. I do not have to struggle through years of trying to pay these bills and having to fear every time the phone rang that it was going to be another person on the line nagging me and threatening to turn it over to collections.
All of the financial assistance has been wonderful but just knowing Brandie was there for me was the best part! I think not having to go through it alone actually helped in my recovery.

Judy Hunter

Date added: 9/18/2008
Thank You so much for your help with my past illness/recovery, etc. and the Medical bills... You guys seriously saved me with many scary situations...that I was dealing with!

Thank You and Blessings,

Robin K. Oliver
Lady Robin of GA. Ren. Faire/N.Y. Ren. Faire

Date added: 6/26/2008
RESCU is one of the best things I have seen come out of this community. Keep up the good work!

Posted on MySpace by Goemer

Date added: 6/25/2008
i don't know where we would be right now if not for this amazing organization. they are amazing people! thank u from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work in our community!

Posted on MySpace by Cmndr. Bear Wellness Foundation

Date added: 6/25/2008
RESCU has been a viable part of the Renaissance Festival Community, this is a good way to spread the word! Thank you to all!

Posted on MySpace

Date added: 4/2008
The word got out fast after I was hospitalized and had an emergency operation for a Brain Tumor the size of a lemon in the back of my head. By the fourth day of my hospital stay I was getting messages from family and Faire friends. Many of them suggested I contact the RESCU Foundation since I had no insurance coverage and RESCU specializes in helping people who work the Faire circuit and need help with medical problems.

Dan Will McCann works closely with REC and RESCU and had passed on my situation and medical information to the RESCU Foundation and within 2 - 3 weeks of my release from the hospital, I was contacted by Brande Watson of RESCU and she explained that they were ready to jump in and help out however they could. The medical bills were mind-blowing and they were coming in at a furious pace. I had requested the RESCU advocate program to help negotiate my bills so they asked that I forward all incoming bills for them to handle. Naturally, I was incredibly relieved because I had such limited funds, that even covering one bill would be a struggle.

Within a week of sending them my outstanding medical bills, I had received a check from RESCU to help cover my medical prescription and some living expenses. They negotiated and talked to the medical agencies as well as a PET Scan company that did my scan for a fraction of the cost. I am extremely grateful and thankful that Brande stepped in and took over, taking a lot of the pressure off from me and my family so that I could concentrate on my recovery. Another check was mailed out to help cover my airfare back to Hong Kong so I could be with my Mom. Undoubtedly, RESCU has done wonders and they continue to go out of their way to help me out.

I can't thank Brande and RESCU enough for their tireless efforts in helping me.

Most sincerely and forever grateful,
Ray Lau
(aka Sir Edmund Carey of The Gentlemen Adventurers, RPF)

Date added: 1/2008
Dear friends known and unknown at RESCU,
     Please accept my deepest gratitude and thanks for helping me over the course of this year, and in the past once before. ... I can't imagine where I would be now without the help of RESCU. ... I really appreciate all the people that have done so much hard work for RESCU and I can personally attest to knowing more than one person besides myself that has been really helped during a difficult time. Please accept my thanks and extreme appreciation for all your efforts, from money to medical advocacy and all the other valuable services that you offer. It's hard enough to navigate the often times complex medical industry on your own, having a knowledgeable and helpful friend(s) can make all the difference in the world.
Thanks again and a safe, happy, healthy new year to all.
Sincerely, Brett Lytner

Date added: 12/2007
     I am at loss to express my gratitude for coming to MY rescue this year. Last July I severed three tendons in my right hand carving a piece of art glass in a friend's studio. I needed emergency surgery ... This injury significantly affected my ability to work. The results of this personal tragedy remains to be seen. I felt isolated in my loss, truly alone in the understanding of the tremendous loss of self, not to mention finances. When I received the check from RESCU, it was not only a relief financially, but I felt I had a family that got my back, and that support means so much to me.
Thank you for being a truly kind and responsible organization-
Jodi Bove

     RESCU is relief!! In a country that people DON'T qualify for help, RESCU was there. They helped me keep a roof over my head and have sent financial assistance for medical bills. Fair folk have always watched out for each other and I'm glad that RESCU was founded and could help.

Dearest RESCU
     No words could express our gratitude for the gifts you have given us.It was like a light in a dark place. The love sent with it raised our spirits and the money has helped us pay for medical supplies, doctors visits and more. Most importantly, we were able to pay for a second opinion that is altering the course of treatment for the better. Many thanks to all who participated and to your wonderful organization.

     This note is a special thanks to our amazing faire family. This past year has been very difficult and we wouldnt have made it through if not for the love and support you all have given us. This gift will greatly help with Miguel's treatment costs. Thanks again for lending a hand.
Mary and Miguel

     ... The amount I received made it possible to pay half of the bill from the three day emergency room stay.
     ... Being able to get just ONE obnoxious billing department off my back completely gave me a huge sense of relief.
     ... It's important, I think, that there is an organization out there supported and run by Rennies. Our problems and needs are unique. Providing me with an advocate, was especially empowering. In those first few weeks after surgery, KNOWING that I had a personal champion out there, helped beyond words. Hopefully, I won't have to use the legal services, or the counseling, but gosh it's nice to know that it's there! We have always been generous in our donations to other Rennies in need, but I plan on channeling some regular support to the RESCU Foundation now. I'd like to thank the people who generously gave time and money to help give me the emergency back-up I so needed. There really is NO family like the Renaissance Family.
     ... You are appreciated. It would be great if there was a way to get a big enough group together to get affordable health insurance. But having experienced this crisis situation, without any health insurance, I have found that it IS manageable... "with a little help from my friends."


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