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Renaissance Entertainers Services and Crafters United

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Board of Directors and Staff

The RESCU Board of Directors is comprised of 15 board positions elected for a two-year term.

Members are elected on alternating even and odd years which take place in December before the Annual Advance Meeting which is held in mid - January each year in Texas. RESCU uses a system of "first among equals" in that the officers are elected from within the board composition.

Officers 2019 - 2020

(Elected yearly at the annual January Advance* meeting)

Danielle Dupont Board President
Angyl Jones Board Vice President
Linda Ballard Board Secretary
Maria Patton Board Treasurer

Meet the RESCU Board!

Danielle Dupont
2005 - Present

Danielle is the Madame of the Washing Well Wenches, an all female Festival show, performing since 1992, that may be seen at more than 30 Renaissance Festivals around the country. Though Danielle participated in Ren-Faires mostly upon the stage, she has also done some time as a Crafter, Gamer and Entertainment Director. Danielle received her BS in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from the University of South Florida (Honors Program - succeeded by her daughter, Samma, who also graduated from USF’s Honors College).

Danielle traveled for 120 plus years on the Festival circuit, and between shows resides in San Pedro, Belize with her husband, William, and their many guests. Her passions include gender equality, social justice, game playing, and scuba spelunking. Danielle has been involved with RESCU since its inception and joined the board in 2005.

Angyl Jones
2016 - Present

Angyl Jones is a full-time road manager for the past 6 years with a constantly changing Renaissance Circuit. She has been part of her home show, the Bay Area Renaissance Festival for 20 years. Angyl joined the RESCU board in 2016 after years of participating as a volunteer on the ground level and looking to do more for the community. She has been a participant on the Fundraising and Programs Committees and became Fundraising Committee Chair in 2018 after realizing her organization and event planning skills could be best utilized in this area.

Linda Ballard
2011 - Present

Known for her dedication as the Director of the Kids Kingdom of The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Southern California), Linda brought that dedication with her when sheoined the RESCU Board in 2011. Retired from administrating a medical research lab at UCLA, Linda also holds degrees in Journalism and Pharmacology.

Maria Patton

Maria Escobar is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an investment advisor who brings over 25 years of experience to the RESCU board and finance committee. She began her career at Price Waterhouse after obtaining a BBA in Accounting from UTSA in 1992. She went on to manage an accounting department at SBC Communications for several years and later established her own private practice in 2004. Her practice has grown and flourished to now include investment management in addition to tax advisory and preparation services for individuals, businesses and not for profits.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, she was captivated by the fun and fantastical atmosphere of renaissance faires and has been attending Texas faires for more than 12 years. She is an active patron and a member of Odin’s Children clan at Sherwood Forest Faire and is excited to contribute and give back to the faire community. Maria chairs the Finance Committee.

Gayle French
2009 - Present

Gayle French, a native-born Texan, started braiding hair 29 years ago at Renaissance Festivals, and is now the co-owner of Twisted Sisters. Her involvement with RESCU began as a teaching tool for herself - to know and understand her options without having health insurance - as she is a traveling crafter on the circuit, and to learn about the resources RESCU had developed.

She holds degrees in Art, Interior Design, and Accounting from Stephan F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX. Gayle is the mother of two adult children and involved with the love of her life. Gayle's son, Ryan committed suicide in 2015, is dedicated to making involvement in mental health a priority.

Gayle joined the RESCU Board in 2009 and previously served as Secretary, and is a member of the Aid Panel. Gayle was elected President in 2011 and is in her 8th consecutive term.

MaritaBeth Caruthers
2014 - Present

A North Texas-based transplant from her native Hudson Valley, New York, MaritaBeth still misses having four seasons and treasures her summers in Wisconsin at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Scarborough is her home faire, and Texas Renaissance Festival rounds out her year. Although she owns her own small company making custom bespoke historical clothing as A Wardrobe in Time, to most folks at faire, she is the face of Pendragon Costumes, where she is proud to be marking her twenty-first anniversary season as manager.

In 2006, she and her husband added East Wind Games to their little family of micro companies, first at Scarborough, and now also at Bristol. MaritaBeth has a B.S. in Journalism and an extensive background in retail management and event planning. Happy to be able to give back to the community that has given her so much, MaritaBeth is honored to be among the newer members of the RESCU Board of Directors.


Brian O'Leary
2013 - Present

Brian is the Administrative Director of Sherwood Forest Faire, now in its 9th year, located near Austin, TX. He and his partner arealso publisher of Reniassance Magazine and part-owners of a weapons shoppe called Eternal Arms at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Brian is a firm believer in giving back to one’s community and consequently has spent over two decades volunteering (often in leadership positions) for organizations relating to youth at risk, underinsured people living with AIDS, art festivals and GLBT rights. Having joined the Board of RESCU in 2013, Brian is excited about combining his desire to serve with his love for the renaissance faire community. Brian enjoys spending time with his partner and their three young children at their home in Houston, TX . His hobbies include reading, genealogy, travel, event planning and playing computer games.

Brian also served 2 terms as Treasurer of RESCU.


Melissa Starks
2014 - Present

Melissa Starks rejoined the RESCU board after a 4 year hiatus, as the Fundraising and Devolopment Director at the August 2014 annual meeting. She currently serves as an at large board member, on several comittees and as a rally captain, on occasion.

Melissa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Bradley University in Peoria, Illionis. After graduation, Ms. Starks taught Speech and Theatre Arts in the Kansas City, Missouri school district in 2 magnet schools. Following in her father's footsteps, she transitioned into the financial services industry as an advisor for both MetLife and US Bancorp Securities, where she specialized in assisting other artists, teachers and non-profit organizations secure their financial futures.

Melissa is the Owner and Lead Artist of Enchanted Chains Jewelry and has been hand-crafting original chainmaille designs for over 25 years. Following her passion, Melissa left the corporate world in 2006 to travel full time selling her art. In addition, she moonlights as The KiltMistress managing for Got Kilt/The Renaissance Clothing Company at several festivals.

Her circuit has included The Bristol Renaissance Festival, The Florida and Bay Area Renaissance Festivals, The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, The Kansas City, St Louis, Georgia and Louisania Renaissance Festivals, Scarborough Faire and many other Renaissance, Celtic, and Pirate Festivals.

When not travelling, Melissa makes her home in Pinellas Park, Florida with her partner, Jesse, and their quality control sheltie, Bella Donna.


Reba Scott
2016 - Present

Reba Scott joined the RESCU Board of Directors in 2016 after spending a year as a member of the Finance Committee. She is a long-time patron of the Scarborough Renaissance Festival, Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and has been attending faires for more than 20 years. She is also a teacher at Sherwood Forest Summer Camp and assists her husband, the Director, with his duties there.

Reba comes from a family of artists and growing up she worked the art show circuit. Reba is an avid RESCU supporter in part because she enjoys working with not-for-profits, but also because years ago, when her underinsured grandfather had a medical issue, the family had nowhere to turn for help and all of their resources were consumed while trying to keep up with bill payments. She sees volunteering with RESCU as an opportunity to help prevent other families having to endure such circumstances. Reba volunteered for the Sherwood Forest Faire RESCU Rally, one of the largest and most successful events of its kind in the nation, for several years. Since 2015 Reba serves as chair of the SWFF RESCU Rally.

In Reba’s free time she loves doing needlework of all kinds, especially cross-stitching. She also loves to cook and bake, especially pies, which are sought after by those who have enjoyed them. She also believes that she loves dogs more than just about everybody.


Judy Misch
Marney Cullen
Magnolia Strange
JodyLee Duek


Philip Earl Johnson - Honorary President

Philip Earl Johnson may be seen performing as MooNiE the Magni'Cent at many Renaissance Faires during the year. He is also part of the comedy duo, MooNiE and Broon with Brian Howard. When not performing at faires, he is an actor on stage, television and film. Philip is married and has four children who are very patient with his work on behalf of RESCU. Phil is a member in good standing of AEA (Actor's Equity Association), SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). Phil holds a BS in Theater from Illinois State University and is a founding member of RESCU.


Carol Black - Executive Director

Having just returned from an intensive Shakespeare training program at LAMDA, Carol was a Chicago actress when she was drawn to Renaissance Faires over 30 years ago. She has held numerous management positions as crafts coordinator, entertainment director, show consultant and booking agent at various festivals and for other performers; nurturing the balance between the creative and business side.

Additionally, Carol has performed her original character Lady Ettie at schools and events across the country, including Summerfest, the Florida Renaissance Faire, Tennessee Renaissance Festival, and the Bristol Renaissance Faire. She established the Extreme Renaissance Bocce League 15 years ago, and only recently won the trophy (Go team, go!). She also enjoys archery, gardening, her family, and has a passion for making people laugh.


Kaelyn Globig - Case Manager

Kaelyn has been a sales person, designer, and business owner who mainly found her venues at Renaissance festivals, music festivals and street fairs for 10 years. She had an unfortunate trip to the hospital and was able to advocate for herself and reduce her own bill, with RESCU providing some additional assistance. She was both grateful and inspired by the good work RESCU does and was recruited as a volunteer advocate over 4 years ago. Kaelyn joined the RESCU staff in late spring 2012 as our Case Manager. Kaelyn holds an Associates in Liberal Arts and aspires to further education.

Chris Major - Office Administrator
Debby DeWitt - Bookkeeper
Keridwyn Hershberger - Aid Intake

The Board Members of the RESCU Foundation, Inc. would like to express our supreme thanks to all of our significant others for understanding what pulls us to work so passionately and for supporting us through all of the time it takes to get it done.

Updated July 2020

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