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Financial Assistance
The RESCU Foundation is prepared to help. Financial assistance for your medical need is available to you and your dependents if you have or have had a participant pass to a festival. Please fill out the Medical Aid Request Form and submit it, along with ALL PERTINENT MEDICAL BILLS, as per the instructions on the aid form. Sometimes emergency cases arise and need a quick assessment. We are able to act immediately if you contact us for aid, otherwise cases are reviewed twice a month. 

One of RESCU's goal is to allow patients to concentrate on a healthy recovery without the stress of complicated medical billing. We have skilled volunteers who can work with you to make certain that the billing aspect of your medical dilemma is less daunting. An Advocate will, with your written consent, contact doctors and hospitals on your behalf to help negotiate down your bills. Simply complete the Advocacy Consent portion of the Medical Aid Request Form and send it with the rest of your information. More details.

RESCU is growing every single year because of your support. While we are able to assist our community with unending dedication and devotion to helping, we are not financially capable of completely relieving someone’s medical debt. As part of our Advocacy Program, and with thanks to the many non profit organizations and knowledgeable professionals who have helped train and guide us, we have discovered a wealth of other resources that may be able to help you even further beyond what RESCU has to offer. Please research for yourself as well, and keep us informed if there is an organization that we are not aware.

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Medical Aid Request Form

If you need help from RESCU, please read through this list of what RESCU does and does not do. Then, simply print and fill out our Medical Aid Request Form.

Then mail it, along with copies of all pertinent medical bills to:

RESCU Foundation, Inc.
2206 N Main St. #223
Wheaton, IL 60187
Or fax to: 888-299-9513


*Send questions related to filling out or submitting the aid request form

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2206 N Main St. #223
Wheaton, IL 60187
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